Xash3D FWGS v0.19.2 APK Download Android

Xash3D FWGS is a fork of Valve’s compatible GoldSource engine. This application allows you to play Half life, and games made based on the engine of this game. It works very simply, a separate folder is created where you will download the games, and then using this application create a shortcut for these games and you can launch them. You can also run amateur mods that were made on the Half Life engine, so that especially experienced users can very well test their own mods here.

v0.19.2 Original
12/31/2019 * Support for fuzun strobing (useful for Razer Phone and the like)
* Second master server
* Server sorting
* Menu options for non-linear camera rotation
* Corrections in gamepad code, RoDir, tutorial, vibration and so on
* Improved change screen resolution. Optimum height is automatically adjusted.

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