World of kings APK OBB Download For Android

World of kings APK Game Free Download – multiplayer online RPG events which unfold on a planet called Ideon, which was under the threat of attack of evil forces and now only you are able to restore harmony and peace on the planet. In general, the storyline is not new, but the overall performance deserves attention, so you will have access to an open game world with an area of ​​26 square meters. kilometers, 4 main races and 27 additional, about a hundred different characters and a huge number of items. In addition to the main passage, you will also have access to various PVP contests. Complete the picture with excellent three-dimensional graphics.

Make Your Hero
Choose your favorites from:
4 races, each with their own story;
9 classes with 27 unique advanced specializations;
More than 100 different mounts and pets that will satisfy the collector in you;
And distinctive fashion styles that set you apart from the others!

Dozens of dungeons with multiple difficulty levels
Tank, healer, DPS—shine in your role and carry your team
Obtain legendary gear from dungeons
Party sizes ranging from 5 to 25

Engage in real-time PVP battle to claim ultimate glory!
Capture flags, carts, and resources—different paths to victory!
Enormous 20-on-20 battleground maps where you fight for honor!
Randomly generated PVP maps and massive guild battles make for unforgettable encounters!

Realistic In-Game World
A 26 square kilometer map waiting for you to explore its every nook and cranny.
An expertly told, background-rich story with unique characters.
Tundra, desert, tropical jungle—enjoy the breathtaking scenery while hunting for hidden game clues!

Make friends with players from all around the world.
Talk with each other in-game, communication is the key for overcoming obstacles.
Join a guild and help building your own stronghold.
Add friends to stay in touch with them whenever, wherever!

v1.0.12 Original

06/18/2019 – No changes indicated.
OBB to World of Kings: unzip the folder from the archive in / Android / obb /

– it should work like this /Android/obb/
– install apk, start the game!

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