Where’s My Water? v1.18.3 APK Download Android 1 All Levels Unlocked

Crocodile Swampy (Where’s My Water) on Android, he lives under the city. Unlike his relatives, Swampi loves cleanliness, so swimming for him is a favorite pastime! However, the friends of the little crocodile do not support the hobbies of their friend and try to stop him in every possible way. Your task in this exciting puzzle game for android. Crocodile Swampy – stop them from doing this. So, put the water in a green neat clean bath, taking into account its physical properties. Well have to move well convolutions! Each level has its own difficulties. Use all kinds of mechanisms, purify the water, and collect all the ducks along the way for extra points. Please note that in addition to water, acid can also be found that can not be missed to the crocodile, so carefully choose the path or you can use it to destroy green algae. It would seem that children’s game is addictive not childish! Try as many as 120 levels! You’ll like it!

v1.18.3 Original. Unlocked
05/05/2020 – Minor bugs fixed
– All episodes are open (play – top left to back and you will see episodes)

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