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Transporters APK Game Free Download is an unusual arcade game in which you have to go along the road and complete different tasks depending on the situation. At first, you leave with a regular truck, but collecting different signs as you drive your truck will turn into what is painted on them – for example, a bus or a fire truck, or a garbage truck, or a tractor, etc. But you still have to keep moving, avoid oncoming cars, do not get into accidents, otherwise everything will end at once! In addition, if you want to get more points, you need to perform no complicated tasks, for example, collect passengers for the bus on the roads, or garbage containers for the garbage truck … Share your progress on Twitter or Facebook.

The Volvo Group proudly presents: Transporters. The first game ever from the Volvo Group is a high paced racing puzzle full of action. Now downloaded more than 2 million times! Grab the wheel, race like the wind and see if you can move the world.

•More than 2 million downloads.
•5 challenging environments.
•Transform between 7 different vehicles.
•The more you play the more you can pimp your vehicles.
•Avoid obstacles and collect pick-ups.
•39 in game missions.
•Earn 11 score badges on your way to perfection.
•Drive as far as possible!

Transporters – The Volvo Group game challenges you to move the world and make some good, just like the Volvo Group’s products do every day, 24-7. The game puts you in control of a truck, a fire truck, a garbage truck, a snowplough, a wheel loader, a bus and a boat; put out fires, collect garbage, pick up passengers, clear the road from gravel, plough snow and drive a boat. Each vehicle has it’s own strengths and weaknesses.

v1.5 Original

03.02.2013 – No changes indicated.

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