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The Pillar APK Game Free DownloadĀ – a fantastic three-dimensional puzzle game in which you have to go on a journey on a mysterious island and try to find a way out of an intricate maze and try to solve all the tasks. The gameplay is a combination of many areas, and excellent graphics gives the gameplay atmospheric and mysterious. An unusual story that we learn only as it passes will constantly keep us on our toes.

Welcome to “The Pillar”! Escape Room Game leading to mystery Island.

Cleverly mixing mystery an puzzle solving, the Pillar takes you deep into an faraway unknown world where you must pay attention to your surroundings in order to find the way to freedom. Exploration goes hand in hand with an open and clear mind as you try to break free from a mythical birdcage and escape.

Enjoy every level to the maximum, the labyrinth around you changes as you open each door leading to another the room, another flow puzzle, another mystery and challenge.

Intuitive and mobile-friendly controls with virtual dual joysticks allow you to fully focus on exploring the mysterious world around you for your escape.

Each level brings new challenges and your only hope is to find your way from the ever changing maze of puzzle escape and mysteries. Can you escape from the cage you found yourself in? Don’t be the witness of your reverse. Be free like a bird.

v1.0 Original

09/10/2018 – No changes indicated.

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