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The Game of Life APK Game Free Download – board game lovers will appreciate this game, and for those whom she just interested, let’s focus on the main points. So, the game is a field with lined cages of moves and a drum in the middle – the analogue of any board game with dice and pawns. Spinning the drum, you will know how many cells in front (or backward, depending on luck) you move across the field. The field itself represents the entire life of a person. So when you go through the game, you will both fall in love and get married, have children, go for a walk at the wedding, get an education, and also pay taxes, fines, etc. The game is designed for 4 players – either with friends even on one device or with a computer. The game is bright and interesting, will allow to pass away any time fun and easy!

v1.2.10 Original

August 5, 2017 – Unknown

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