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True to Ubisoft form, the creators of this game, you’ll find a huge open world simulation, where attention to detail and realism have been taken to another level.

Race Super Cars, Speed Boats and Aeroplanes in this Action Packed Arcade Style Epic
Build up legendary status as you amass legions of followers who log on just to see you race through the awe inspiring environments in breath taking race cars, speed boats and aircraft. As your popularity increases, you will unlock more racing styles and disciplines. What makes this game so special, is that you are able to race around in kart style game mechanics, whilst enjoying the graphics of more serious race games like Grand Turismo and Forza. This way, when you crash into stuff, you simply bounce off and carry on racing, making the whole thing more fun and less serious. The map and menu have had an overhaul and been redesigned compared to the first game. You are now able to zoom completely outwards and there’s a crisp white graphics theme to top it off which is framed with borders that are bold and dark. It is then fashioned with markers and icons that highlight the various locations, challenges and events.

A great improvement on the first version.
There’s a great selection of vehicles to choose from, the handling of cars is better than it was in the first version and the graphics are vastly improved.

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