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“The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth” is a re-enhanced version of “The Binding of Isaac”. It did not take Steam for a long time in 2014 to break the sales volume of two million. In the same year, the mobile version was released and many players However, because of “child abuse” and religious issues later, it was only three years after the showers were seen and it was not disappointing to wait for everyone. “The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth” is a combination of religious RPG shooting game, the mobile version of the PC version of the series inherited the weird style, funny and rich religious metaphor design, play time will trigger a little thought, it may Will bring a little bit of discomfort. Even though the game takes the trouble to embed so many religious colored eggs (such as the seven sins and the crucifixion of Jesus), it is primarily gameplay, and its most preferential treatment is its operation because it is somewhat different from the PC version, Change the game habits of many old players.

The main game is to play the game, the test is the accuracy of the player operation. The key to victory is “walk + attack”, PC version, ADWS four keys to control the movement, the arrow keys to control attacks and attack direction, or aiming directly at the launch. Mobile version is to give about the double joystick, respectively, control of Isaac’s movement and attack direction, the bullets will be automatically fired continuously, that is, the player just need to move to the exact location, from the right direction launch on it. However, Isaac will not automatically target, firing range is limited to the same line, the shooting distance is only half the length of the room, that is, players want to move to a correct direction, the right range, have to be within range Effective attack.

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