Tankr.io 2.7 APK + MOD

Tankr.io – Tank Battles A new, entertaining and exciting game in the Android-style action game from the hotgames gaming studio. We decided to introduce your latest update to your latest release at the same time as our release. Put your download link to yours! In the game Tankr.io, as its name suggests, you can participate in the breathtaking battle of tanks and win sweet victories! You are in an environment with a group of other tanks and you are fighting; each tank that can destroy all other tanks is the winner, can you kill dozens of tanks with special powers and equipment? Take and win? In Tankr.io, the control and guidance of the tanks is as simple as possible, and you can move the screen with touch buttons and take refuge, marking and shooting to competitors automatically! It’s better to know that there are also resources and auxiliary items that can be lifted by removing them and increasing your chances of winning! The more tanks you can destroy, the higher your level! If you are looking for a fun and different game to fill your leisure time, Tankr.io will undoubtedly attract your attention.

Download Links

Download APK file Direct Link – 54 MB

Download MOD APK file Direct Link – 54 MB