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Swagflip Parkour Madness APK Game Free Download – Parkour Madness is an android game where your task will be to help the hero master all the skills of parkour. In this game you will control a hero who has the physics of a rag doll. Your task will be to help the hero perform various tricks, coups, jumps and flips. Using special buttons on the screen of your device, control the doll and do not let it fall or fail the jump, otherwise you will have to pass the level again. Make the hero jump, do double flips and other stunts. In total, the game has three unique locations, 6 different levels and easy operation. Play with your friends and rise higher on the leaderboard.

SWAGFLIP is the story of a homegrown parkour backflip champion. Dial-in your backflips and stunts at your local basketball court – then take your skills up a notch and stick combo-flips while defying death from extreme heights around your neighborhood.

– Bounce on the hoop and launch a boosted Layout Flip into the air.
– Double Pike Flip off of your roof and land on your dad’s truck.
– Spring off the water tower and shoot the gap through a tire for a perfect landing.

SWAGFLIP uses RAGDOLL physics – creating swaggy stunts and tricks with hilarious wrecks that are unique every time..

Stick the landing and add to the MULTIPLIER to jack up your score in the next jump. Hold it together and you may make it to onto the daily leaderboards.

SWAG-OUT your flips with multiple TRICKS per flip – Scissor, Super, Pike, Layout + More!

Street-style gymnastics and diving takes URBAN EXTREME to new levels.

v1.3.94 Original

10.25.2016 – No changes indicated.

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