Surviving Titan v0.6.3 APK Download Android 1

Surviving Titan is an interesting pixel-based RPG that captivates with its plot and diverse gameplay. You crash and land on, until this moment, the unknown planet Titan. You have little amnesia and very few resources for survival. You have to explore the unknown world, get acquainted and study all its biomes, collect resources, craft objects and build buildings. The game generates open locations in a random way. As you progress through, more and more new creatures and enemies will meet. Find survivors like you, gather a community, work together, trade among themselves and found a new home. Boost all your skills to make it easier to survive, collect powerful ammunition to counter epic bosses. Discover all the secrets of the Titan.

v0.6.3 Original
05/06/2020 • Fixed a bug due to which some plants and resources appeared on top of objects, removing them from the game.
• Reduced the time of the revival of coal and clay
• Large space doors will now remain open after you go through them to help you find the npc / pet path
• Reduced lighting effects when shooting from a flamethrower
• Added additional check for map deformation when exiting the needle

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