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Survivalcraft 2 is a new and super cute game with a special design in the action and survival style of the Candy Rufus Games studio for Android, the first and second versions of which have been released for $ 3.99 each and now available in Google Play. And for the first time in Iran, we are going to introduce the paid and purchased version of both versions to your loved ones! In a remote island in the world of cubes you are caught! Now for survival and survival, you have to do what you can and do your best! Take care of the mines and use hunting and trapping tools and weapons! Make a shelter to stay safe from nature at night! Horseback riding and flock! Open your way through the rocks with explosives, make advanced electronics, and …! You can do a lot with this game! In the second version of the game, horse-riding is included, many animals like sharks, meat-eaters, camels and snails are added! Help manuals are also included to make electrical appliances easier; you can even ride a horse and just steal your herd! If you’re a fan of Minecraft games, do not miss Survivalcraft 2!

# The Survivalcraft 2 game introduced by us is the full version and is different from the demo and incomplete version of the game (the demo version is only one day and is originally presented for testing the game and then purchased by the manufacturer)
# In the version of Survivalcraft 1 and Survivalcraft 2, you are unlimited; ask yourself that your money is not up and … – I emphasize that your health is unlimited.


v2.2.10.4 Original
12/30/2019 Terrain height doubled to 256 blocks
Increased the number of inventory slots to 10
Fixed glitches when there are too many complex blocks in one place
The flat island mode is
added Great White Sharks
repair Overhaul generation of the area
New lighting model
Food rots longer, rotten food turns in compost
Raindrops form particles when they hit the ground
Added an option for the initial location: Easy, Medium and Hard
Added mimosas
… and much more: a complete list of more than 70 changes on our website

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