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Super Miner: Grow Miner is an exciting Android game where you will play the role of a digger. Pick up a pickaxe and start digging a mine, look for various valuable metals, gold, precious stones and other useful resources and objects. Your main task in this game will be the most famous and successful miner. The game will delight you with simple and intuitive controls, where you will drip and mine valuable resources using just two buttons. Drip as fast as possible and set your record. Improve your pick with the extracted resources and create the equipment you need. Hire workers who will dig for you, and you will grow rich.

I found a magical treasure box that turns stone into coins.
I got my mine, all good to go to collect massive chunks of stone
And now I’m finally ready to make some serious money !
What am I waiting for? time to get serious and start digging !
Not to mention the shiny gemstones that I might encounter.

# Dig mines, pile up cash and become the richest guy in the world !
Mine rocks and put them into the treasure chest to turn it into money.
Rocks from deeper points are worth more cash.

# Build your crew with all kinds of miners !
Hire miners with resources or card draws to work for you.

# Farm many kinds of ores !
As you dig deeper, you can get different kinds of ores.
The more deeper you get, the rarer ores you can acquire.

# Run your own forge !
With the ores you mined, become a smith and forge items that can help you along your mining journey.
Sell a variety of minerals to your customers and produce and sell items.

# Special skills with minigames !
Have fun with a 2-button minigame included with the Drop skill.

# Break Super Rock hidden in mines and acquire items.
Enjoy a mini game with super rocks by using punch and avoidance.

v1.3.3.1 Original

09/17/2019 Error fixed

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