Super Fancy Pants Adventure APK MOD Download

Super Fancy Pants Adventure APK Game Free Download MOD

Super Fancy Pants Adventure is a wild free-running adventure with buttery smooth platforming and a slick fountain pen!

Super Fancy Pants Adventure is the culmination of a decade of perfecting the Fancy Pants adventures.

► So many levels! – 56 brand new levels of parkour platforming
► Collections! – Over 20 pants and hats to collect in brand new challenge stages
► Incredible Hand-drawn Style – Frame-by-frame animated worlds, enemies, and friends
► Action-Packed-Attacks! – Wield your mighty ink pen to take down new threats!
► New Moves! – Take control of Fancy Pants man with brand new combos and moves
► Secret Challenge Stages – Scattered throughout the world are secret doors to incredibly challenging bonus stages, awarding awesome prizes
► 60fps gameplay – Perfectly smooth running for a perfectly smooth platformer
► Controller Support

How To Download and install

v1.2.0 Original

06/07/2018 – No changes indicated.

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