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If you often experience interesting role-playing games on the PC platform, you will know Ghost Online. This is a famous role-playing game in many different countries like China, Korea or Vietnam. This game has a series of challenges and interesting stories to experience. Besides, the characters are also designed in lovely style and bring a lot of interesting experiences. With success on the PC platform, a mobile version of Ghost Online has been released. This new product is called Soul Saver: Idle RPG and is released by Funigloo producer.

Soul Saver Idle RPG Familiar and fun game

As the mobile version of Ghost Online, Soul Saver: Idle RPG for iOS is still designed with attractive storylines like on the PC platform. You will discover interesting stories about demons and magicians — experience simple and exciting fighting to seal the evil spirits after defeating them. With the context of evil forces invading the human world, you have the opportunity to collect many different heroes to create an elite army. Besides the task of destroying demons, you have the opportunity to compete with many players in the world.

Soul Saver Idle RPG Android Gameplay

Unlike the PC platform, the characters will automatically fight, and you don’t need to perform many controls in the game. Your characters will fight and move along the horizontal screen, and you get an intuitive control interface to perform character upgrade tasks. While the character fights and collects evil spirits, you can simply upgrade the character. These upgrades are important because it helps your character fight better. Upgrading will improve the attack and defence stats for the character.

With a simple control system, the characters will engage in constant combat to accumulate evil spirits, and the battle mission will take place on a stage. On some special stages, you have to fight the BOSS. Defeating the BOSS will help you get lots of valuable rewards. Besides, you can search and use different types of equipment for characters. The number of characters in the game is also varied, and they possess their fighting skills. The strength and fighting ability of each character will be assessed by the system of stars. The more stars there are, the stronger the character and vice versa.

Another interesting feature is that you have the opportunity to collect and use more than 28 different charms. Each of these charms is designed with its characteristics and strengths. With more than 28 types of charms, you are free to edit the battle lineup and combine with all kinds of charms to enhance your character’s fighting ability. Along with the power of each charm and clever combination with the characters will help you quickly defeat monsters.

Soul Saver: Idle RPG APK Mod possesses a large community system with the ability to make friends and share information among many players. Also, players can create a guild and participate in group battles with a large number of characters that bring exciting battles. Participating in the guild also helps your character improve the ability to fight with more than 24 guild skills.

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