Sonic Mania APK Download Android Full Game

Sonic Mania is an amazing game for true blue Sonic fans, and other people new to the series. The soundtrack is amazing, the level design is elaborate and fun, and the level diversity is incredible. I recommend this game to… anyone ever.

By the Mania, 4 the Mania. This game is not just a good “Sonic game” it is a good game overall. I came in thinking at best it would be decent, and I was a little skeptical when all the diehard Sonic fans came out of the wood work boasting about this game. But when I got the game and started playing it I realized that it played great and the looked incredible. The sound track was by far the games strongest suit, followed by the minimalist control scheme. The game was designed to be played at your own pace, no need to play it all in a week or anything. It is a game that you can play an hour before you go to bed and pick it up a few nights later. I would give this game a 9/10. This game kind of grew on me. I played it through one time and felt that the game was just ok, but after a second play through I realized that the game was growing on me. Hopefully it grows on you too.


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