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Slenderman Hide & Seek Online APK Game Free Download Slenderman is one of the most popular negative characters in the digital world, and sometimes developers manage to give him completely unusual roles. Studio developer BIGZUR for the history of its existence has released a number of games with this character, and each of the projects claims to be a holistic game, with its own plot, gameplay, passing and only the presence of Slender remains unchanged. In their new game, the guys decided to put the gameplay at the disposal of the players, releasing a multiplayer version of the popular horror.
And so, Slenderman Hide & Seek Online game in which four players will be able to participate, one will have to play the role of the main villain, and the rest to perform various tasks while trying not to get caught in Slender’s clutches.

Slenderman Hide & Seek it’s a multiplayer horror game with 3 versus 1 mode.
One player acts behalf the Slenderman and others are students which are trying to survive.

The goal for the students is to find and destroy all amulet-dolls of the Slenderman.
Amulet-dolls are located in hidden chests. Find them!

The goal for the Slenderman is to catch all students before they destroy his amulet-dolls.

Key Features:
– 3 vs 1 multiplayer horror game
– Immersive locations (forest, abandoned castle etc)
– Deep horror & fun atmosphere

v1.123 Original

10/22/2017 – Unknown

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