Skid Rally Drag, Drift Racing APK Download For Android

Skid Rally Drag, Drift Racing APK Game Free Download

Skid Rally: Drag, Drift Racing – an exciting racing game for android, inspired by the old races. The main features of this game is a huge number of game modes, tuning and styling of the car. In this game you will find such modes as:

Check-in time – where you will pass the track for a certain period of time
Duel – challenge your opponent and arrange 1 on 1 races
Drag – come to the finish line first, changing gears on time
Analytics – make predictions on the victory of one of the cars and watch with pens, in case of victory, get double prizes
Drift – score enough points for a certain time
Circular races – races with three rivals on the ring road, as well as gumkhana, chase and rally.

– Time race: in this mode, you have to finish the race on target time.
– Duel: win your opponent in 1 on 1 race

– Drag: Come to finish first by switching gears on time

– Analytics: Make predictions at the victory of one of the cars and watch their race. In case of the victory – you get a double prize

– Drift: Collect the required number of drift points in the given time

– Circle races: race with 3 rivals on the circle track

– Gymkhana: cross the track along the ideal trajectory, without touching the obstacles

– Chase: hold out as long as possible, trying to hide from the police

– Rally: a kind of track that can be encountered in any game modes – maps of this type are marked as “DIRT”

v0.9571 Original

03/10/2019 – All bugs are fixed.

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