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SimpleRockets APK Game Free Download – in this puzzle for android you will find space physics and rockets. You are invited to build a rocket, a spacecraft, a planetary rover, etc., limited only by your imagination and fantasy. Choose every detail of your ship, think over the result and achieve the goal. In addition to building, you can also compete with other players in the characteristics of your ship — range, overcoming cosmic obstacles — attraction, meteor shower, take-off speed, etc.

Design your own rocket ships. Blast off into space. Explore the solar system. See if you have what it takes to be a rocket scientist.

Choose and connect parts together to build rocket ships. You can choose from a variety of rocket engines, fuel tanks, and other gizmos. You can even build rovers with powered wheels. You are only limited by your imagination.

Blast off from any planet you want. You can fly through the intense atmosphere of Venus, or you can take advantage of the low gravity of Mercury. Whip around the sun and launch yourself out to the far reaches of the solar system.

Several challenges are built into the game so you can compete to see who can go the fastest, fly the farthest, orbit with the least amount of fuel, land on the moon, and so much more.

Kepler wrote the equations 400 years ago, and SimpleRockets uses those equations to model extremely realistic orbital physics. Players will learn about rocket science and astrodynamics while they are having a blast exploring the solar system. This makes SimpleRockets ideal for the classroom, or as a healthy alternative to the barrage of brainless games available on the App Store.

v1.6.13 Original

2.06.2018 – Fixed bugs.

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