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SimpleRockets 2 is a three-dimensional space simulator for Android, where you will explore distant planets. In this game, your main task will be to create rockets, planes, all-terrain vehicles and other equipment that will allow you to explore and discover highly detailed three-dimensional planets. Connect your imagination and quick wits and create unusual rockets while testing them for strength in various tests. In this game, you will also need to calculate the size and shape change of the fuel tank, wings, cargo compartment, fairings and other parts of the rocket to make a successful flight.

v0.9.307 Original
05/06/2020 The main behind-the-scenes update on how the game manages planetary systems. The game and website now support loading and unloading celestial bodies and planetary systems. Loading sandboxes with custom planetary systems should now work correctly. The New Game dialog now has a planetary system selector.

* Various settings and performance improvements.
* Bug fixes and improvements.

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