Resident Evil 7 MOD APK Highly Compressed Download Android

Resident Evil 7: Bioshazard – Gold Edition is a video game in Action, Adventure, Scary, and unlike the previous versions of Resident Evil series games as the first-person vision developed by Capcom,and also by the same company for the platinum platforms Station 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows released. The PlayStation VR virtual reality goggles are also fully compatible and will be extremely fantastic in the game. In this version, violent scenes have been reduced. In your game, you must always keep secret and in a frightening environment that may attack you at any time. This is the eleventh main episode in the Evil series.

The story of the game follows the events of the sixth edition. The graphics and atmosphere of the game are much darker than the past, and the sense of fear in the game is felt more than ever. The game locations are very mysterious and dark. The new game does not start like any other version of the series; in all of your previous numbers you’ve been in a city or country that has faced a catastrophe that has resulted in zombies throughout the city and that area, and you have to You saved your life from there, but in the new version of this game you are caught in a home and the story of the game is more paranormal. In this version of the game your weapons and tools are very limited and everything should be used at the right time.

The Gold Edition includes the original game, the two Banned Footage Extras and the completely new End of Zoe downloadable content. End of Zoe, the follower of the story of Zoe Baker, is after the main events of the game. The Not a Hero section also reflects the story of Chris Redfield.




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