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Racing Rivals APK Game Free Download – great drag racing with the ability to play with live players around the world. You will be able to participate in various multiplayer races. With proper training and on a pumped car, you can bypass almost any player. Even a split second decides which side is fortune today. Money, fame and even your car can be at stake! The game has a realistic model of car traffic, good graphics and smooth animation of the movement of racing cars. If necessary, you can change your car almost beyond recognition, and precise technical settings and tweaks will help you squeeze extra horsepower from your city car.

v7.0.3 Original

07/26/2018 – New garage, new map, new daily tournaments, new races, new awards!
– Now Porsche! ’92 Carrera, 911 GT3 RS and others!
– New tournaments for old cars – exclusive prizes!
– Battle tuning: a new seasonal PvP mode!
– Get ready for racing wars in all 6 cities and for a month-long world tour – they are just around the corner!
– Exclusive content in collections!

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