Progressbar95 v0.4875 APK Download Android MOD

Progressbar95 is an original nostalgic Android game. In this game you should fill the progress bar by controlling it with one finger and you need to do this very quickly. This is much more complicated than it seems at first glance. Go through the levels, earn points, open new desktop backgrounds and improve the components of your PC. The game Progressbar95 will not let you get bored and you can easily pass the time.

v0.4875 Original
01/20/2020 Update KP004875: Improvements and corrections.
This update includes key changes:
– Delivers skins: Progressbar 3.14,2,1
– Delivers localization for Spanish, Polish and Ukrainian
– Delivers support for saving in the cloud
– Delivers a new element: Bonus ball
– Delivers a new segment: green (rare)
– Delivers support for installation on SD cards
– Provides a simulation of a CRT monitor
– Corrects an error in an error in Progressbar XB
– Fixes an error on tablets

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