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Excellent story-based survival horror game with heavy emphasis on the atmosphere.

A strong plot, presented in a very eerie, hopeless, yet emotion-filled experience that leaves you questioning your decisions while testing your compassion. The game is a solid AAA title, with music composed by the ol’mighty Mick Gordon (Doom soundtrack) and a great artstyle. As far as story is concerned, exploring the events on the Talos 1 space station (only following the main story) should take you around 20 hours, but delving into the e-mails of every crew member and uncovering the many secrets hidden inside can double that time.

A few things worth pointing out:

-The game has its fair share of bugs and glitches, so keep that in mind before buying. Some can influence gameplay (such as being unable to complete an optional objective due to encountering an NPC required for it earlier, thus causing the NPC to disappear from the game world). Another one is a FPS drop in large rooms like the Reactor Core. Keep in mind that the game was released a year ago, so bug fixes and optimisation patches are expected to be rolled out in the future.

– The difficulty flow is influenced by player decisions; If you choose to explore more and postpone the main story, you will often find yourself in situations where you face far tougher enemies than what you’ve encountered before. Vital resources like materials, ammunition and health kits will be more scarce due to your increased usage, because of the stronger enemies.

All in all, Prey is a moving experience. As a horror game, it does it’s job well, not by forcing jumpscares, but by constantly keeping the player under psychological pressure, which is strongly supported by the multiple soundtracks the game has, that will keep ringing in your ears even after you stop playing.
For 40€ the game is definitely worth it, even if you’re remotely interested in the horror genre. However if you’re asking yourself the question “Is Prey really scary” then it might not be the game for you. In the latter case I’d recommend waiting for a sale.

My personal score for this game is a 7.5/10.
Disclaimer: The writer of this review is not to be held responsible if any of the letters, symbols and/or words turn out to be mimics. Use of a psychoscope is strongly advised for safety precautions.

How To Download and install

1) Download APK + OBB file
2. Extract the zip files by WinRar
3) Install APK file
4) Obb folder move to Sdcard/android/obb/
5) Enjoy playing the game

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