Pocket Empires Online APK MOD Download

Pocket Empires Online APK Game Free Download is a multiplayer online strategy of the Middle Ages, reminiscent of something known as Civilization. The game has a huge open world in which you are free to do anything. Choose a country, think up a name for your future empire and start building small, gradually approaching the goal. The game has a time limit – i.e. for all your actions you need a certain time – for construction, gathering resources, research, as well as gathering and war. Moving around the map will gradually increase along with your growing experience in the game. Over time, you will gain such power that you can safely attack the territory you are interested in with minimal losses. So, you have access to:

10 unique buildings for the city, start with simple and strengthen them
40 skills and 50 level points
about 30 creatures that can be taken prisoner or recruited
Very thoughtful strategy worth the attention of any player!

v4.8.2 Original

02/13/2013 – No changes indicated.

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