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Enter the fantasy world of the ancient technology in the Paladins Strike. Enjoy the team based shooting video with the strategy to win the opponents which is Paladins on the mobile phone devices like iOS and Android. Paladins Strike is now finally available for the both Android and iOS. Paladins Strike APK is the shooting strategy video game where the character can be customize and the elements of the game can be customize too. Through the unique collectible card system player can now amplify as well as customize character core sets as well as the abilities of the character.

Paladins Strike for the Android (APK) free-to-play hero shooter video game developed and published by Hi-Rez Studios which has now new gameplay. Paladins Strike is the first-person shooting video game where the players are divided on the two different teams and the player chooses the character to kill the opponent to gain the points and win the game. Paladins provide the various characters to the player by the help of the cards. Being the strategy as well as the multiplayer game, the players should team up and also create the strategy to win the opponents also the player should know the character’s knowledge, teamwork to attain victory. Paladins provide the chatting system and the chat wheels to communicate with the teammate.

Fantastic Champions
In this mode, Paladins are set on the fantasy world and features the Cast ranging character. Each champions brings the unique set of abilities to the battlefield and the new champions are added to the Paladins to make the game more interesting and amazing.

In this free to play mode the player can play the game freely without any purchases. The player can unlock the different cosmetic items for the purchases.

Card Mastery
Player can collect the different unique card while playing the game and also the players collect the different cards to win the game build the decks and unlock the additional card as they play the whole game and win the game. Player even may tweaks their deck of the cards to make them stronger than the opponents.

Level Up
No matter how they play the game the player gain the experiences and points as they play which help to gain level. By the help of this the player can unlock the different character of the Paladins, cards, costumes and weapon skins. The more the player play the game the unique the champions of the gamer become.

Paladins Strike is the first-person shooting game. The control uses on this game on the mobile is the floating keys with the floating analog also with the access of the chat wheels/ chat system to communicate with the other player on the game.

How to Download and Play Paladins Strike?

Hit the Download button given there.
Get the Game Files from the Mediafire.
Install the game (Paladins Strike).

Download Paladins Strike


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