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Nomao Camera APK is an X-ray app that can be installed on Android phones to bypass human bodies. The concept seems little unique and weird however, developers are only intended to provide a light-hearted way to make use of smartphone camera.

Nomao Camera is a magical Android camera application that along with performing routine camera functions, let anyone to see beyond the normal vision. It’s a body scanner app meaning that Nomao Camera users can see people without clothes. Developers have claimed that Nomao Camera App has been developed based on advanced technology.

It has to be noted that this website is not promoting body scanner apps in any way. It’s unethical and even not lawful to endanger anyone’s privacy. All the details provided here are only for the sake of information. Those who’re under 18 are not advisable to install Nomao Camera App.

Nomao Camera APK

App Name: Nomao Camera APK

Version: v4.0.2

Developer: Nomao

Supported Version: Android 2.3.3+

Last Updated: December 01, 2018

Nomao Camera APK Android file is compatible with all the Samsung, Xiaomi, Sony or other Android devices running on OS later than 2.3.3. The new update of Nomao Camera APK shows improved stability and lesser bugs as compared to its older version.


X-ray the human body.
Simple and easy to use.
See Naked objects.
Can click normal pictures and selfies as well.
Offers clear and high picture quality.
Acts as a body scanner.
Capture Photos and Videos secretly.

Download Link

Nomao Camera file size 6 MB