My Town Haunted House APK MOD Download

My Town Haunted House APK Game Free Download – an exciting android game where you find yourself in an enchanted house. In this game, you are transported to a house that is absolutely no different from normal in daylight, but when the twilight is gathering, all the fun begins. In this game you will meet numerous and diverse characters, such as Frankenstein, witches, skeletons and a funny little family. Take a bath with a cute skeleton, find a secret door to the attic and meet the witch, and play the piano and prepare a potion. Do various missions and mini-games and have fun in your free time.

This may LOOK like a regular mansion when the lights are on, but once you switch them off? BOO! The mansion turns into a Haunted House with new characters to play with and hours of exploration ahead as you discover each room.
Find the friendly skeleton and make sure to look into each room! There’s a friendly witch hiding at the end of a secret passage and she’s waiting to be found! What’s that under the bed? Better check it out!

* Save mode: My Town : Haunted House saves where you are when you turn it off, so you can come back to continue your adventure at any time!
* Multi touch function: Play with friends and family on a single device.
* No third-party advertising
* No in-app purchases
* New Characters – If you have My Town : Museum, you can bring your characters from that game

v1.13 Original

04/25/2018 – No changes indicated.

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