Monster Hunter World Iceborne Download For Android

Monster Hunter World: Ice borne is an expansion pack developed and published by Capcom for the 2018 action role-playing game Monster Hunter: World. It was released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in September 2019 and for Windows in January 2020. It introduces new monsters, improved gameplay mechanics a new story set in Hoarfrost Reach, an arctic-themed region. The game was both a commercial and critical success, selling more than 5 million copies upon release.

Similar to the base game, Ice borne the player takes the role of a Hunter, slaying or trapping large monsters solo or cooperatively with other players. Ice borne features a new arctic ecosystem named Hoarfrost Reach, said to be one of the largest maps created by the team,

where players will encounter both new and returning creatures.1As the player slowly progresses in the story, more areas in Hoarfrost Reach will be opened up for players to explore. As it is set in a cold environment, players need to consume hot drinks or visit hot springs so that their stamina would not deplete. Snow would also slow down the player’s movement.2

Seliana was Hoarfrost Reach’s hub area, where players can visit weapons miths and chefs.3 The expansion features a new fast travel system called Raider Rides, allowing players to tame and ride on smaller creatures to either travel to a designed point on the map or to track a monster, with the player still gathering certain resources while in transit.4

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