Mobile battleground Blitz APK MOD Download

Mobile battleground Blitz APK Game Free Download is a great Android game in the MOBA genre. There is no longer any pharming, no improvement and time killing is not clear on what! Only battle from the very beginning of the game! In the game you will find more shootings and more team battles than in any other game of this genre. The battle lasts only three minutes, but during this time you will easily manage to fool opponents for the most tomatoes =) Excellent sports game with a huge number of different modes and characters. The game has become much easier but at the same time and much more exciting!

Game features:

3 minute bouts
No farming and collecting items
Fights 3 for 3 in real time
Huge selection of heroes

v1.0.22 Original

05/09/2018 – Fixed bugs.

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