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Mini DAYZ Survival Game APK Game Free Download is probably one of the most controversial and controversial projects on desktop platforms, but despite the fact that the game has been under testing for several years now and does not seem to be going out of this status, nevertheless this project is one of the most popular of the genre. online zombies – survivors.
In turn, the well-known studio Bohemia Interactive decided to please the owners of Android devices with a mobile version of the game.
Mini DAYZ – Survival Game as a whole corresponds to the general atmosphere of the elder brother, while the developers decided to release the project in pixel style and of course give it the characteristic features of mobile games. It is also worth noting the full support of the Russian language.

● Explore a beautifully handcrafted, pixel-art-style open world map with signature buildings
● Gear up your character and try to survive for as long as possible using tons of loot
● Watch your health, hunger and thirst levels, prevent blood loss
● Keep on surviving to improve your character stats, receive perks and collect achievements for your efforts
● Grow plants, craft new items and build a makeshift base with campfire and fences
● Meet AI survivors, both friendly and hostile, and fight (or avoid) various kinds of dangerous, ever-lurking infected
● Make the wilderness your friend, not your enemy – use natural resources to stay alive
● Find your way during the day/night cycle and do your best to stay warm while it is raining or snowing
● No in-app purchases

v1.4.0 Original. Unlocked

06/09/2018 – New weapons: PM, PB, Bison, Thunderstorm, Madsen, SV-98 (unlocked), BCC (unlocked)
– New items and equipment: Soviet body armor, Claymore, telescopic sight, ammo 9×18, ammo 9×39
– Mode selection games in the main menu, now without codes
– New game mode “Breakthrough”: the player must hold a small area as long as possible, holding back the onslaught of the infected.
– A new mode “Walk”: after death, the player will reappear in the same session on the coast.

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