Microbian v1.103 APK Download Android 1

Microbian is a wonderful symbiosis of an incredibly atmospheric platformer and an unpredictable runner for your smartphone.
The game has a bewitching visual appearance in the first minutes in black and white silhouette color. Landscapes and various kinds of obstacles, as well as their smooth animation do not allow to tear themselves away from the screen.
In this dynamic runner, you have to take control of a spider-like microbe and go with it along hostile locations. You will encounter various enemies, obstacles, cliffs, gravitational traps and other troubles on your way. Hurry up to dodge in time, jump over and most importantly, go as far as possible and survive as long as possible. There are no repeating levels in the game, after each death everything is updated.




v1.103 Original
05/15/2020 – No changes indicated.

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