Marsus Survival on Mars APK Download For Android

Marsus Survival on Mars APK Game Free Download – adventure game on Android, where you will survive on Mars. In this game, your pilot made an unsuccessful landing on Mars and now he will have to survive in extreme conditions. Perform numerous and dangerous missions of the game, craft and get yourself food and oxygen. Explore the limitless locations of the game and get yourself the right items splitting stones. In this game you will have complete freedom of action you will be able to build, craft and create your own farm where you will grow various plants. The game will please the players with a change of day and night, high-quality graphics and an intuitive interface.

Marsus: Survival on Mars is a game from Invictus Studio, made in the genre of SANDBOX-SURVIVAL! Then you have to survive on Mars after an unsuccessful landing, there are no living creatures on Mars, but it seems that you will soon run out of oxygen and the food needs to be done.

The landscape of Mars is made very high quality, destruction and shaders are made at a high level.

Complete freedom of action, the system of crafting, construction, survival, the creation of a farm, day and night, and not only!

Make a farm, grow plants in it right on Mars! Create a drill that digs for you, improve the plasma.

Convenience is most important! Invictus Studio has developed minimalistic controls with high-quality design and an intuitive interface.

Want more variety? Creative mode for you, unlimited access to all objects of the game, created for creativity

Buying our game, you help the project in development. You can also help us by sending an e-mail to your ideas and suggestions, noticed bugs.

v1.6 Original

05/05/2019 – No changes indicated.
OBB for the game Marsus: Survival on Mars: unzip the folder from the archive in / Android / obb /
– it should work like this /Android/obb/com.MarsusProject/
– install apk, run the game!

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