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Mario Kart For Android

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Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is now finally available for the Android Devices for the first time. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe APK is the Kart-racing video game which features the main character mario to race around the mario world which was exclusive to the Nintendo OS only, But now it is finally re-released for the Android Devices and It works Perfetly.

Mario Kart made its first appearance on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) and the Super Famicom in 1992. Mario Kart launched to critical and commercial success. The development of the first Mario Kart was over seen by Shigeru Miyamoto, known for his other works such as Super Mario Brothers and the Legend of Zelda.

Mario Kart is a series of go-kart-style racing game. People even get it confused for Mario Cart which is infact pronounced wrong. Anyways, talking about the game, unlike your average racer here you have a wide variety of ways to take down your opponents by using weapons from pick up boxes that you break on track – Weapons such as the iconic red shells and green shells.

The debut title was supposed to be another racing game for the SNES, and that game was F-Zero. It was initially for a multiplayer version of F-Zero but ended up being the starting point for Super Mario Kart. It utilised the mode seven graphics that revolutionised the Mario Kart and F-zero.

Not to mention the 16-bit era where the SNES fully utilised the Mode Seven graphics to create the illusion of distance and depth for games.

Since all these years, mario kart hasn’t been offcially announced for the android and ios or any other mobile versions yet even though there are crazy fans asking and desperately waiting to play this super awesome game on their handheld phones. Nevertheless, we can still experience this game on our mobile devices! Keep reading to find out how.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe APK is the Kart racing video developed and published by the Nintendo. Similar to the other Mario Kart Series, this time too the game features the Kart racing through the different Racing tracks, also there is now available of the hindering or disturbing the opponents to gain advantages or to win the race and unlock the different character. The game features the Single-Player mode as well as the Multiplayer mode where also the gamer/player can join the online world and join the online playing system game and win the different trophies.

Mario Kart For Android And  Popularity

It’s fun easy to learn yet hard to master game makes it all the more enjoyable. It is a social game and prepares for an excellent meetup game with friends. It’s not precisely e-sports competitive so to say, but when you mention Mario Kart, it’s a home brand everyone knows.

If you want to talk about popularity, the Guinness book of world record says it all. Bagging six awards, including “Best selling racing game”, “First console kart racing game” and “The Longest Running Kart Racing Franchise”.

Mario Kart 8 is a beautiful, vibrant kart racer that introduces a new idea to the long-running kart series of the franchise. Mario Kart 8 builds on what’s already there and refines it to the next level of perfection. No wonder there are high demands of mario kart 8 game for android and ios systems

Super Mario Kart On Android Features

The game now is much smoother and more polished, with its tight gripping controls to drifting and building up that boost charge, the game feels entirely well worth the 60$ price tag.

The roster now offers over 30 characters and provides a wide selection of mascots to choose from, including your very own Mii avatars to race.

Characters and cart customisation parts now unlock quickly, and the item rotation now feels more balanced and fair.

This time Mario Kart 8 puts a twist into their game by the addition of anti-gravity tracks, giving it a whole new experience and a new way to race, apart from your typical go-karting.

The all-new anti-gravity tracks allow you to drive up a 90-degree wall, or spiral tracks. This adds more to what the previous instalment already had.

The amount of track diversity in Mario Kart 8 is awe-inspiring, everything from hang-gliding, underwater tracks, and now the anti-gravity tracks, what more can one ask? Combining all these, you have one of the best karting game experiences there is in a video game unlike any other.

Not only are the tracks new but also the items too. These are some of the coolest features of super mario kart 8 and these features would definitely be added on android systems as well.

Mario Kart Apk & Ios Game Insights

The Piranha Plant a power-up that summons a Piranha that chimps on nearby opponents and provides a little boost. The Boomerang, well you know what a boomerang does right? Then there are the coins that players can collect in the game. These games help you unlock new customisation parts or carts for the player.

And finally, there is the Super horn which is the best item introduced to the franchise next to the blue shell. The blue horn not only blows away the enemy but it is also capable of destroying incoming projectiles that have been thrown at you by an opponent. Player will not be able to stress enough on how this item has been so beneficial for players who are in first place and dreading the infamous blue shell that destroys with the biggest of bangs, and the blue horn knocks merely the blue shell to smithereens. And this is why players consistently strive for the super horn.

You might have already got an extreme urge to download this mario kart apk and ios files. Well, you do need to consider lots of stuffs and need to know the installation procedures before you can properly execute this game on your mobile devices.

More Of The Changes In Mario Kart 8

Though sadly to many hearts discontent, in Mario Kart 8 players can hold only one item at a time, so you have to know when to utilise each piece. So learning how to use the items well and not use them for just attacking is a crucial tactic. For example, the banana peel can be used to counter the red homing shells and so forth. So “git guys” as they say.

As for the varied game modes, Mario kart 8 offers single player and two – four players split screen races.

When in single or two player split screen mode, the game holds an incredible 60 frames per second. While the three to four player local split screen sadly holds at 30 frames per second. But it is an acceptable loss when the racing looks and plays so well.

As for the Grand Prix, you have different categories to choose from 50cc, 100cc, 150cc, mirror mode and 200cc being the crazy fast, insane mode.

Then comes the time trails mode where you compete against other players online for setting the best lap or compete against yourself with a ghost racer.

Then there’s the VS mode where you can choose to edit the way you want to race.

And finally the battle mode, which is underwhelming in this game. Rather than battling out in an arena traditionally, you battle it out on the tracks which caused significant displeasure to many long-time fans of the franchise, but the Nintendo switch version changed that and brought back the traditional battle arena.

Another new feature that Mario Kart 8 added is the all-new highlight reel which allows users to edit their replay and share it on YouTube. Watching replays in slow motion for Mario Kart has never been more satisfying. Each epic moment now carefully captured, edited and shared for the world to see, be it a funny moment or an Epic come back, you now have a way to re-see it and share it.

We just gave you an insight of the game in a nutshell and frankly, there are way more super cool stuffs that we haven’t even talked about yet, so for this, you need to play the game yourself and find it out.

How To Download, Install And Play New Mario Kart 8 Game On Mobile:

Download Mario Kart Android Ios

Download the new Mario Kart 8 game apk or ios file from the link given on this site.
And if you are an Iphone or any ios user, download the Mario Kart game ios file from the link, after that, install it and launch it to download the extra game files.
For the android version, you need good storage space on your phone(approximately 1.1gb) for installing and downloading the additional data/obb files.
Before installing the game, go to your android settings options and allow installing of applications from unknown sources.
After that, install the downloaded Mario Kart apk file on your system and launch it.
It shows an option to downloaded additional game files so click okay and wait until the game is fully downloaded
After the game download is completed, Mario Kart 8 will itself launch