Last Shelter Survival APK OBB MOD Download For Android

Last Shelter Survival APK Game Free Download – an android game where you will manage the last refuge of all mankind after the zombie apocalypse. Hordes of zombies are attacking you from all sides and your main task will be to defend the shelter’s defense and not allow the virus to devour the entire planet. In the game you will play the role of the commander-in-chief of the army, which must defend the territory of the shelter by any means. Explore the maps of the world offered to you and look for survivors who will join your ranks and defend the shelter. Challenge zombies and protect people and your allies from death. Develop your shelter and get valuable resources.

Tons of Rewards, Limited Packages, Don’t wait, ACT!

Your Mission, Survive

The war ravages
The virus has spread on a global scale, and most of the humans are now zombies.In this dire time, we have to ensure our survival!
“Commander, build your base, and protect the people from zombies!”
Keep the humanity’s flame lit!

Game content

Build your city: To survive, you have to build your base
You start small, but you will grow fast, you have to be strong, so you can protect more people!
Properly plan your structures, the space is precious.

Find or Start an alliance: the people are scattered across the world, find your friends, build an alliance, and defend yourselves from your enemies
– Select Class: You can choose from one of three classes to prosper in your own way!
-Combat: Train different units, and fight for your empire!


[Last Shelter: Survival] is a Massive Multi-Player, Zombie themed strategy war game. The player will take on the role of a leader of a small Shelter where survivors have to survive a world devastated by an apocalyptic zombie outbreak. Build your base and develop your own empire. Train your troops and recruit legendary heroes. Defend your Base and attack your Enemies. Join your allies in a never-ending war for glory and fame.
To survive or to turn into one of the walking dead, the choice is yours!

v1.250.125 Original

05/27/2019 – New, fourth class Builder
– New campaigns of the legions in the Conquests!
– New heroes, new specialties
– Numerous improvements in the interface
– Japanese will be added soon!

OBB for the game Last Shelter: Survival: unzip the folder from the archive in / Android / obb /

– it should work like this /Android/obb/
– install apk, start the game!

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