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KOF 98 APK Game Free Download MOD is an exciting android game where you will manage a team of heroes, where each character owns combat techniques. Gather your unbeatable team and take part in various martial arts tournaments. Collect cards with heroes and form your team in such a way, where each character will complement the other. Master your heroes in the arena and defeat strong opponents. In the course of the game, improve your heroes, making them stronger and more resilient. Discover new characters that will surprise you with unique abilities. Fight in the arena with real players and rise higher in the standings.

the king of fighters 98 game apk download

Unlock, recruit and collect fighters from a roster of 70+, including fan-favorite Terry Bogart, Kyo Kusanagi, Iori Yagami, Mai Shiranui and many more. Select up to 6 fighters in your dream team, set them in formation, then get ready for a hell of a fight!

the king of fighters apk + data download

Kusanagi Serpent, Maiden Masher, and Haoh Shoko Ken…unleash your fighters’ incredibly powerful attacks at a tap of your finger. But with KOF98’s unique QTE system, it takes the right timing and skills to chain up the perfect combo and KO your challengers!

king of fighters 98 1.3 apk

Train your fighters, upgrade their equipment and level them up to their maximum potential to unlock their most powerful passive and active abilities, and their deadliest attacks.

the king of fighters 98 ultimate match apk

Fight your way through the 70+-level campaign that follows the classic storyline of the games, and a multitude of PVE challenge modes. Then take on players from all over the world in a variety PVP modes and tournaments, to eventually claim the real “King of Fighters” title!

kof 98 anniversary edition apk download

All the classic fighters, battle arenas, iconic special moves, sound effects and even the Japanese voices from the original game. A must-play for the fans!

v1.0.8 Original

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