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Kingdom New Lands APK Game Free Download – A unique strategy, which is marked by numerous awards in its genre and now on Android! In the game you will play for a king who wisely rules and disposes of his kingdom. As a real king, you travel through your lands on horseback, and your subjects run around you. You will need to wisely manage the country’s treasury, choose the right priorities, build a wall from invaders, buy new weapons for your army or feed the poor. It all depends on how long you can rule your kingdom!

In Kingdom: New Lands, you take on the role of a monarch struggling to build your kingdom up from nothing. Explore the lands for resources, recruit loyal subjects, and shore up your defenses — but make haste, for when nightfall comes, a dark and greedy presence awaits…

Kingdom: New Lands provides a welcome yet challenging & strategic experience for newcomers and longtime fans alike. Building upon the award-winning twist on tower defense gameplay and mystery of classic Kingdom, New Lands introduces an abundance of new content to the IGF-nominated title while maintaining the simplicity and depth that legions of monarchs have come to cherish.

Travel to the New Lands and welcome the deluge of new mounts, merchants, and vagrants that call these isles home, but be wary of the new obstacles that threaten your arrival – for not just the greedy creatures block your way, but even the environment itself can defeat you.

v1.3.2 Original

05/16/2019 – No changes indicated.

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