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“King of Glory” is the world’s first 5V5 champion mobile game, Tencent MOBA mobile game masterpiece! As a MOBA game, “King of Glory” has a lot of features, which makes it unique among similar games.
5V5 King Canyon, 5V5 Abyss battle, as well as 3V3, 1V1 and other various modes of one-key experience, enjoy the most exciting pleasure! Massive champion choice, exquisite cooperate tacit fight! 10 seconds real-time cross matching, and team up with friendsto the top of the Challenger! Easy to control, First Blood, ACE, Godlike, keep the classic experience!

1. The new assassin hero-Mirror: Mirror is the sister of Hero Yaoyao. He appears as Xuanyong Assassin and is a self-disciplined, hard-working hero with firm character. In setting the world view, she awakened the power of the mirror in the Hall of Ten Thousand Mirrors; in the art design, the mirror was the main element; in skills, she also selected the mirror as the main design highlight, which can summon her own mirror to cooperate and strengthen Self-capability.

2. The new season of S19 opens: a new chapter of Fengyi’s edict is reopened, the content of the exploration of qualifying is completely updated, and reaching the milestone will unlock the corresponding objects and understand the story behind it.

3. Hero Baiqi upgrade: Combine with “Xuanyong” world view, optimize and upgrade Baiqi to create the image of an unyielding Xuanyong warrior eroded by blood.

4. Battlefield upgrade plan: As a continuous update throughout the year, through the adjustment of the UI interface, special effects, characters and scenes, improve the clarity of battlefield information; optimize intra-office operations and tactical communication; strengthen the hero highlight moment.

5. New social optimization: new cheering function in the loading interface; review and inheritance of the glory course of the team; intimacy upper limit adjustment, new intimacy level rewards, and intimate relationship title modification function.

6. King Canyon Adjustment:

1) Ancient creature adjustment: adjust the effect and range of tyrant / dark tyrant skill, adjust the basic blood volume of the Prophet, and adjust the growth of the health value of the tyrant / Prophet;

2) adjust the middle line: reduce the front line Health, increase the early clearing speed of heroes in the middle lane.

7. Game environment: The mute function is upgraded, you can block voice, text, and quick messages with one click; you can also select the exact mute in the settings and classify and block.

8. The new skin is online:



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