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Inheriting the classic “Crazyracing Kartrider” for thirteen years, the return of the fingertip drift engine roar, revisiting the journey of racing drift and the new ultimate experience shocked!
“KartRider: Crazy Racing” is officially developed by Tiancity and Tencent Games. The mobile game inherits the essence of the “Crazyracing Kartrider” game, and it is highly adapted to the mobile device’s operation scheme to return back the original silky drift feel, allowing you to enjoy the smooth drift of your fingertips. The 8 racing competitors were restored on the “Item Match” and “Racing Match”, and more innovative gameplay modes with infinitely fun. More classic and cute images, black and white baby, enduring theme track, a unique personality of the cabin, full of social systems, etc., is committed to creating a national drift paradise for all players-forever prosperous

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The new season S6 Tong Meng Qibing will be grandly opened on 5.15! In this fairy tale country, the magical girl Sissi drove her car dream to greet you, all the sound of the car can be freely replaced, you can go to the Energy Arena to collect the charging stone, you can also go to the space factory to adjust the racing feel You can go to the ranking store and the leisure mode treasure box to mention the new car ~ various welfare upgrades, intimate optimization, continuous surprises, waiting for you to experience!
1. New customization-
the content of personalized customization of the racing sound wave racing has been added! The racing sound wave system will bring you a more three-dimensional driving experience ~
(1) The types of sound waves
can be equipped with three types of sound waves for the car at the same time: nitrogen sound




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