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Just Cause 4 android is the fourth entry in Avalanche Studios’ bombastic open world action adventure series. It takes place in the fictional, tropical South American country of Solis. Just like its predecessors, it will put players in the middle of an interactive, sandbox environment. With tools such as your wingsuit, your grappling hook, and any other weapons you may come across, you’ll be left to wreak havoc upon the world, while this time also having to contend with dynamic weather patterns.

Just Cause 4 apk download was announced by Square Enix at E3 2018, with a release date of December 4 of the same year on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. However, the game was leaked several times before its official confirmation. For starters, an advertisement for pre-purchases of the game were spotted on Steam prior to its announcement, while concept art and screenshots for the game also surfaced online not long afterward.

Just Cause 4 apk+obb was also part of a major leak by Walmart Canada, where they posted listings for a large number of games that had yet to be announced. Among these games was Just Cause 4 for android, and like almost all other games that were part of the leak, it was announced officially shortly afterward.

Just Cause 4 free download apk is going to feature the same brand of over-the-top chaotic open world gameplay that fans of Just Cause have come to expect, but it looks like Avalanche Studios are looking to turn things up a notch (or two). For starters, let’s talk about things that will be returning from previous instalments. The parachute, wingsuit, and grappler will also be returning, which is to be expected- they’ve become a core part of what we associate both Rico and Just Cause with. Mechanics such as being able to stand and freely move on vehicles – both moving, and stationary – will also be making a return.

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