Infinite Flight Simulator APK MOD Download

Infinite Flight Simulator APK Game Free Download – Enjoy a full-featured simulator on Android devices! The game offers the most approximate flight simulation on mobile devices for beginners and experienced pilots. You will find a large selection of aircraft with highly detailed different countries of the world.

• Dozens of aircraft in a diverse fleet of airliners, general aviation and military aircraft (subscribe to Infinite Flight Pro to unlock all aircraft)
• Multiple regions featuring high definition satellite imagery, accurate topography and all major airports with precise runway and taxiway layouts
• Customizable time of day and weather conditions (real time or custom)
• Realistic atmospherics with the sun, moon, and stars
• Autopilot (supports control of all flight parameters, NAV mode to follow your flight plan, and auto land on select aircraft)
• Easy-to-use flight planning system with accurate fixes and Navigational Aids
• Engine startup and shutdown
• Instrument Landing System (ILS)
• Advanced replay system
• Weight and balance configuration
• Aircraft cockpit and door animations, suspension animations, and wing flex, on select aircraft.

v18.06.0 Original

12/10/2018 – A-10 with 9 new liveries, flight and landing spoilers, pilot with animated visor, cockpit with working sensors, animated suspension, new sounds, animated dome and aerial refueling
• Updates of the B737 family with Autoland (APPR), 30+ new liveries, New Wheels, Wing flex, Split Scimitar Winglets, Ground Effect, Pilots, New
strobe timings, APU Strobe • Hotfix1: fixed problems with repeated violations

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