Hue A pocket adventure APK Download Android 1

Hue is a vibrant, award-winning puzzle adventure in which you change the world by changing its background color. In this game you have to explore the dangerous gray earth, digging out colored fragments on a journey to find your missing mother. When the obstacles coincide with the background, they disappear, creating new and exciting puzzles – full of dangers, secrets and invisible colors.

Hue Features:

Unique color matching mechanics offering a new twist on the classic adventure game
A hearty story about love, loss, existence and remorse
A world full of living characters to communicate with, each with its own personality and story
Bright silhouette in art style with vibrant, bold colors.
Over 30 original music tracks written exclusively for Hue
Professionally voiced narration by Anna Acton and Matthew Wade, one of the UK’s best television talents

v1.6 Original
05/04/2020 – No changes indicated.

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