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Horizon Zero Dawn For Android is an open-world action role-playing video game developed by Guerrilla Games and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation 4 in 2017. It was officially revealed at E3 2015 during Sony’s press conference, and is the first intellectual property created by Guerrilla Games since Killzone in 2004, as well as the developer’s first foray into the role-playing genre.

Horizon Zero Dawn APK takes place a thousand years into the future, in a post-apocalyptic world where colossal machines dominate the land. Over time, human civilization has regressed to tribal societies of hunters and gatherers who survive in immense forests, imposing mountain ranges, and the atmospheric ruins of their ancestors – all while the machines become increasingly powerful. The player controls Aloy, a huntress who uses her speed, cunning, and agility to stay alive and protect her tribe against the force, size, and power of the machines.


Horizon Zero Dawn Android features quest elements which includes the main story quests, national quests involving the tribes and also the side quests.
As a player progresses through the game, they are able to level up their character.
Aloy has three skill trees which are the Prowler, Brave, and Forager.
Stealth is also a central element of the game, comprised of a crouch system and sections of tall grass, which can be used to avoid enemy detection completely.
Guerilla Games has created a robotic ecosystem where each machine type has its own behaviors and purpose in the world of Horizon Zero Dawn APK OBB
Aloy has the ability to override the machines with her old-world technology. This will allow the player to mount certain machines such as the Broadhead and Strider, while others will fight by your side.
The override feature has a progression system.
Aloy has an old-world device which provides a Focus scan ability. It shows the enemy’s level, weakness, weapons they are equipped with, and the components they are constructed from.
Aloy can swim in the game, but the player might encounter hostile machines in the water, like the Snapmaw.
The world of Horizon Zero Dawn APK Download has its own economy and is heavily trade-based.
They are two types of currency in the game: Metal Shards and Blaze. Shards are the common currency, whereas Blaze is more valuable and is acquired through hunting rarer and tougher machines.
The hunting of machines and harvesting of their parts is essential in the game as it provides important resources and components for food, crafting, and trading.
Aloy can also combine the components from the machine with natural resources to craft ingenious weapons, ammunition, traps, and tools.
Aloy also has multiple hunter weapons at her disposal, including her bow and spear, various arrow types, tripwires, and a Ropecaster, which can be used to pin down and capture machines.
Weapons and outfits are customizable and have slots for modifications.
Outfits have specific stats and weaknesses. Players will have to wear warmer outfits in colder regions.
Another aspect of machine combat includes detachable enemy weapons, such as the Disc Launchers of Thunderjaws; if a Thunderjaw’s disc launchers are successfully detached, they can be used to deal heavy damage and quickly dispatch opposition.

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