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“Tianguo Brigade” seems to be a healing game placed in the kingdom of heaven, but when players play it, they will find that the story is actually not simple. Different elements such as poignant and moving. In addition to the unexpected plot, behind the work, I also want players to experience a different outlook on life from the vast majority, hoping to inspire players to think more about their own life.

The story of “The Kingdom of Heaven” briefly describes
the “Little Wind” growing on the grasslands outside the world. In order to save the “tree of memory” that provides nutrients to the grasslands, it has launched countless adventures. While “Xiaofeng” collected one piece of memory after another during the journey, he slowly revealed one unexpected truth after another. In addition to the unexpected plot, the story also wants to bring out a unique outlook on life, hoping to inspire players to think more about the outlook on life.

“The Kingdom of Heaven” art style
art team uses child-like crayon strokes to express heaven-like images. Characters and souvenirs cooperate with the design of various heavens to establish a unique and interesting world view.

“Tian Guo Lu Li” game features
-if you pay close attention to the content of the game story, you will find that the author has carefully spent every story dialogue, in addition to adding a relaxed humor element, but also want to give players a deeper understanding of the game world view.

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Heaven Travel APK Download