Harry Potter Magic Awakened APK Download Android 1

“Harry Potter: Magic Awakened” is a card RPG mobile game authorized by the official, developed by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Netease Games.

You will enter Hogwarts as a new student at the Magic Academy and start a mysterious adventure with other companions. At Hogwarts, you can see familiar characters, learn all kinds of magical lessons, experience thrilling wizards, and write a new chapter in your own magic world.

– European retro picture book, recreate the magic world scene
The first wand of the wizarding career was selected in the diagonal lane with Hagrid; through the 9¾ platform, the Hogwarts Express arrived at the castle; in the warm and elegant college auditorium, Listen to the singing of the branch hat… The classic scene of the scene will be perfectly presented in the style of pure European retro picture book, which restores the mystery and stunning of the magic world.

– Collect magic cards and experience the ultimate wizard matchup
“Drowsy, flaming…” Drag the card to cast a magic spell! The wizards need to study hard in the magic classroom to control more powerful spells and magical animals. The wizard confrontation is not just a contest between courage and wisdom. There are also some deceitful and vicious people in your opponents. Sometimes they even use “Avadaso”…

– Explore the magic world and look for past reverberations
Stroll through the bustling Diagonal Lane and meet old friends; talk to each portrait in the intricately rotating cloister; deep into the hidden jungle, powerful horses and pure and beautiful unicorns… In the magic world, look for the reverberation of classic characters, unveil the secrets of the past…




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