Half-Life AoMDC v1.0 APK Download Android 1

Your name is David Lezerhoff and you are addicted to a new pain medication from an unknown company. Arriving at the Markland Hospital for help, you go to the toilet, where you again take these pills. However, instead of the usual effect, you lose consciousness and wake up in a too familiar nightmare. The world familiar to you in an instant turned into a disfigured and filled with terrible creatures. After which, you wake up in an abandoned hospital, where mysterious events begin to occur. Now you have to go through all this horror to find out what is really happening.

v1.0 Original
05/04/2020 – No changes indicated.
OBB for the game Half-Life: AoMDC: unpack the archive folder in / xash /
– it should turn out like this: / xash /
– install Xash3D
– install Afraid of Monsters: Director’s Cut

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