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Gunzolla is an android adventure game where you will help Ricardo complete various missions. In this game you will find yourself in the Wild West where the further history of the game will take place. In the game you will help Ricardo communicate and interact with people changing the fate of the hero. Take various steps and actions and enter into relationships with people trying to resolve conflict situations and emerging disputes. You will have access to various ways to get out of situations; this is compromise, deception and intimidation. Use them wisely, because each person is individual and has his own character.

Plunge into the amazing adventure of a guy named Ricardo, taking place in the Wild West.

Open world, nice pixel graphics. Assignments based on the patterns a classic Point & Click adventure with role-playing component.

The nonlinearity of the narrative will allow you to change the fate of the main character, as well as to solve conflicts with different approaches. Compromise? Cheating? Intimidation? At your discretion. But just remember that all your decisions will have consequences.

Each character has its own story and character. This is what opens up the possibility for a huge number of social interactions.

At the time of launch to the game will be available only a short episode for review. Our team is actively developing content for upcoming updates.

We are waiting for your feedback and wishes.

.91 Original

08/03/2019 – No changes indicated.

v1.02 Original
12/25/2019 – No changes indicated.

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