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Frostborn APK Game Free Download Frostborn is a multiplayer online rolevka made in the Scandinavian myths setting. You have to start the game in the role of a young, but courageous war, which has nothing in mind. Once in the game world you have to collect resources, look for weapons and armor, as well as craft all sorts of items, items, clothing, while not forgetting about basic needs, food and water. Do not forget the developers and the combat component, in addition to the battles in the passage of the company, you can fight in the arenas, both against AI, and against real players.

Plunge into a true RPG game full of dynamic and spectacular adventures. Become a great viking and write your name in the history of ancient Scandinavia in the world of Frostborn!

Frostborn is a new cooperative RPG where everyone will find a lot of ways to entertain themselves, for example, invite three more friends to play in cooperative mode or unite with other players into a clan to jointly build a base, attack enemies and so much more!

At the base, you will be able to store resources and properties, and also play defense from attacks of foe clans and enemies. For that you will need strong thick walls, various traps and a little bit of tricks. Don’t let strangers invade into your territory!.. Or break into bases of others and carry out a massacre!

Especially since there is a wide range of weapons and artifacts in Frostborn, each of which serves for a set mission with varying levels of hard hit. Even if you tend to change weapons like socks throughout the game, it will take a while to decide which ax or club is more fun to pile up corpses!

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