Forgotten Hill Disillusion v1.1.22 APK Full Download Android

Forgotten Hill Disillusion is an exciting Android quest where you will explore the museum on the Abandoned Mountain. This is the fourth chapter in a series of games where you have to explore the museum in the first person and look for hidden objects and solve puzzles. In this game you will find yourself in a unique place where the past, present and unknown meet. You will get a lot of positive emotions from visiting this place. Solve difficult puzzles, explore the premises of the museum and enjoy the terrible and gloomy atmosphere.


Explore more than 50 unique locations located in four parts of the museum:
Library, exhibition “Flora and Fauna”, exhibition “Secrets of the deep sea” and the exhibition “Art of Sculpture”;
Test your strength by finding answers and solving more than 60 original puzzles and charades;
Get to know even more frightening characters in the game world, accompanying Mr. Larson on his adventure in search of truth;
Immerse yourself in the grotesque world of the Forgotten Mountain, finding yourself in an amazing world with a characteristic graphic design;
Trace the whole story from the very beginning to the end, studying the dialogues, translated in detail into 9 languages, including Russian;
No more crushing in one place: use our innovative hint system to get help during the game.

v1.1.22 Original
02/28/2020 – No changes indicated.

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