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FYet another instalment of a series of football games from EA Sports studio. In FIFA 20 Ultimate Team we will control faithfully represented and real teams as well as players. It is possible to play against artificial intelligence or against other players. The main novelty in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team is the introduction of VOLTA Football game mode.
FIFA 20 Ultimate Team is yet another edition of very popular cycle of football simulators. They had their beginnings in 1993. From that moment, the title has been developing the structure we know from previous cycles, offering a lot of entertainment for both one player as well as the fans of multiplayer games. As it happens every year, the game will offer us real players as well as teams that we can control and lead to victory in consecutive matches. EA Sports is a studio responsible for production.

FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Mechanics
Once again, FIFA 20 Ultimate Team allows people to play league as well as friendly matches, and to participate in tournaments with fully licensed national teams as well as football clubs from the entire world. The major emphasis has been put on improving the realism of the gameplay. One of the most important elements that received an upgrade is an artificial intelligence. It is particularly important in the scope of the behaviour of defenders and goalkeepers. What is more, automatic covering of players and selecting footballers during set pieces and changing them received some upgrades.

TWhen it comes to the biggest novelties, we should of course remember about VOLTA Football game mode. It allows us to play football outside stadiums. We can play on pitches located in the underground passes, on the rooftops of skyscrapers, etc. In this game mode, the player creates his own avatar (either male or female) and play 3v3 Rush matches (without goalkeepers), 4v4, 4v4 Rush (without goalkeepers), 5v5, as well as professional futsal.
FIFA 20 also received a large number of minor changes, especially if we compare it to the previous edition of the series. Most of these changes regard small modifications in gameplay mechanics. In case of dribbling and other tricks, the margin of errors is now bigger. It means that we have higher chance of successfully finishing a trick. What is important, passing is now harder – the accuracy of passes as well as first touch kicks and volleys has been reduced. Also, the authors decided to limit shots with outside of your foot and allow such technique for the players with the right attributes. The movement of goalkeepers is now slower when controlled by a player.

FIFA 20Ultimate Team  – large novelties are getting to the game
Blake Jorgensen, a financial director of EA Sports, emphasizes that FIFA 20 will include several new functions. What is more, they plan to largely improve both FIFA as well as FIFA 20 Ultimate Team. According to Jorgensen, FIFA series always finds its way to defend its number 1 place as the best title on the market. The publisher will base this financial year on the success of EA Sports games, especially if we take into account significant innovations and new game methods.
Andrew Wilson, a general manager of EA, adds that in this financial year the publisher will offer a large package of new games as well as several major additions to FIFA 20 Ultimate Team – In the financial year 2020 Ultimate Team we are going to provide more content and new experience as well as more live services than before. We are happy that we can still use Ultimate Team game modes for EA Sports productions. In the upcoming financial year, we will be introducing innovations in the scope of our sports titles, and their increase is said to hit 5%, as Andrew Wilson claims.

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